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rachel - twenty - michigan

18. September 2012

They hang up posters around our room that have little riddles about cleaning up insignificant things such as, “fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy has no hair. don’t be like fuzzy wuzzy and clean up your hair from the sink!” Does that even make sense…? Another says, “When you change the roll, we prefer it to be OVER not UNDER!” And today I walk in and there’s a sign on our jenky door that doesn’t lock well that states, “Lock this door EVERY TIME you leave. I’m so sick of this. k thanks bye” but as I look at the door and look at my roommate, she pretends as if the note does not exist. You, my friend, have zero balls if you cannot say that to my face. So instead of killing them all with kindness like I’ve been attempting for the past three weeks, I’ve decided to fight fire with fire. That being said, I’ve put up my own posters saying things such as, “Be grateful I even changed the roll, so don’t complain or nit pick.” I’m retaliating and it feels so good….